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XtremeDave: hussam: gedit is a gnome thing. thanks though XtremeDave: np The icon is still missing in my Unity launcher. How can I get it back? There is also no message in the log about the update alvin: what do you mean icon? The Ubuntu icon alvin: do you want to re-install unity? Well, I have some icons on my desktop, but they are very blurred alvin: look for a menu bar at the top? Yes, that's missing too alvin: look for the 'applications' menu and select it Yes, there's a'share' icon now. alvin: look for 'change desktop' That's a normal menu. How can I change it back to the Ubuntu icon on my desktop? alvin: change desktop icon alvin: not sure what the issue is, sounds like a gconf issue It's not a gconf issue, I just pressed 'change desktop' on the panel. Now the Ubuntu icon is back, and I can add widgets to my desktop. alvin: click on the panel at the bottom But I really need the Ubuntu icon on my desktop. alvin: i see, yes, don't know then alvin: start with the top of the panel by running 'unity' from the terminal and




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Assassins Creed 3 Dlc Skidrow Crack

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